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Preschool Activity Planner

Keep children engaged with activities designed by our team of early childhood education experts. Share developmentally appropriate activities daily with only a few clicks.

Designed to Help You Plan Your Learning Program

Created and Curated by Early Childhood Educators

Activities were created with love by HiMama’s ECEs and have been ‘family tested’ to ensure that parents can easily do them at home.

Send Activities and Stay Connected With Your Families

Use HiMama’s messaging, photo sharing and video sharing tools to stay connected and ensure the children keep learning.

Ensure That Development Stays on Track

Leveraging our Activity Planner and Development Reports, tie learning outcomes from activities to each child’s journey.

Engage Families and Kids With Virtual Circle Time Videos

In HiMama’s virtual circle time videos Ms. Kiah reads stories, does plenty of activities, sings songs, teaches stretches and so much more!

Keep The Learning Going At Home! Share Activities Daily With Only a Few Clicks

  • Activities are family-tested with easy to follow instructions and video walkthroughs.

  • Messaging center provides a daily connection to your families, whether your center is open or closed

  • Daily activities can be easily shared with families with the click of a button

  • Activity Planner allows you to build and share your learning program with your families seamlessly.

More than 200+ Free Activities

Plenty of activities that will keep children engaged in the classroom or at-home. Explore, download, print, and repeat! You can easily use them in the classroom or share daily activities with families through the app. Here are some of our 30+ themes.

Group 1890 2x Every child is different and special! These activities will help them learn more about themselves and their friends.

All About Me➜

Group 1679 2x Every feeling is valid! These activities will encourage meaningful conversations about emotions.


Group 1682 2x Children love exploring the world around them! These experiments are perfect to build on their reasoning and logic.


Group 1690 2x These activities are perfect to chat about animals in the classroom and explore the children's creativity.


Group 1696 2x Looking for a different theme? Check our activity database to see our always growing list of activities.

All Activities ➜

Now it’s super easy because the teachers send activities through HiMama, where the Early Learning Standards and Skills are built in, and Directors can use the dashboard to monitor engagement and communicate with parents. We love HiMama!

Dedicated Training and Support To Ensure Your Success

We are your partner in success. You will have a dedicated HiMama Specialist to support you every step of the way (as well as your staff, and parents!). We know that change can be tough and that all centers are not the same. That’s why we designed our personalized Onboarding Program where you’ll receive customized training, support, and implementation.

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