How it Works - HiMama Enterprise

Partners advising you at every step

As leaders in technology implementation, HiMama will advise and support you and your families every step of the way.

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Initiate a pilot to confirm, then hand the planning over to us

Run a pilot project to confirm the benefits of using HiMama in your programs. When you’re comfortable to move forward we’ll develop a roll-out plan, develop program-specific implementation processes and work shoulder-to-shoulder with you on next steps.

Implement in your programs and bring everyone on the journey

Communicate this fantastic new initiative from the senior sponsor within your organization. Together, we’ll discuss the plan with management and then train your staff, including regional managers, site directors and teachers prior to getting them up and running. Bringing everyone along on the journey is critical to success.

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Provide support, align product to your needs and manage risk

Implementation is just the start of our partnership with you. We’ll provide full service support to your employees and families, customize our product to make sure it meets the needs of your business, and help you manage risk with our system availability, security and data storage capabilities.