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This is your place to find educator resources to help you complete your best work and improve learning outcomes for children aged zero to five. All free and available to discuss, borrow and reuse! Consider Early Education Nation your "ECE Library" for new ideas and materials. All we ask is you contribute back to this community by voting for work that you found useful. If you can, consider contributing your work to Early Education Nation!
How to Participate
1. Submit Your Activities
Submit templates, song lyrics, images, blog posts or articles to the ECE Library to share with other childcare professionals.
2. Vote on Submissions
Vote below on the submitted works you think are best (including your own!)
How to Win
By sharing resources everyone wins! But also:
Top voted submissions will receive a $100 Amazon Gift Card.
Awards are conducted every month; the next winner will be announced June 30, 2018.
Gift cards are limited to one per entry. Submit your work and vote below to qualify!
Share Your Work
Share Your Work

Last Month's Winner

Yoycy Sucasas
Activity: Plant Learning

Recent Educator Contributed Resources

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Articles/Blog (15)

ECE Support
Representation Matters: Diverse Children's Literature Recommendations
Art Recipes - Homemade Playdough
Daycare Insurance Cost, Coverage & More
Diverse Children's Books
Downtime: Necessary for Children’s Health and 21st-Century Skills
Fundamentals of Reggio Emilia Early Childhood Education
Job Profiles: Early Years Practitioner
The Resilience Guide: Strategies for Responding to Trauma in Refugee Children
Webinars: A Healthy Ingredient in Your Program's Professional Development Diet
Activities (73)

DIY CD Case Maze
Exploring Pine Cones
Bug Unit for 3 and 4 Year Olds
Loose Parts Play
Playing Around With Loose Parts
Representational Work With Loose Parts
Music (1)

MP3 Song: Shapes
Templates (3)

Immunization Template
Infant Daily Report Template
Monthly Program Attendance Sheet
Artwork (28)

A display of Easter activities that used a variety of mediums
Coloured Ice Cubes
DIY sea creatures
Drift Wood Shaker Wands
How many eggs do you count? (marble painted and easel painted eggs)
Inspired by Wassily Kandinsky
Multimedia Mother's Day Portrait
The Kindergarten Smorgasbord
Policy (1)

Cheatsheet: Challenging Behavior