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Yogurt Pie

Children will build their social, language and emotional skills through this interactive activity.

Let's Make a Yummy Pie!

This is really great activity for children to work together and make a yogurt pie.

The process of making the pie helps with their fine motor skills, learn about different shapes, colors and textures along with sparking their creativity.

The children will feel accomplished once the pie is ready to eat. A this time it is a great opportunity to incorporate the rhyme "Simple Simon"


For this developmental activity you will need:

Graham cracker crust

6 oz. yogurt

2 cups whipped topping

Measuring cups, bowls, spoons

Seasonal fresh berries

Learning Outcomes


Social, Language, Emotional


Receptive and Expressive Language, Observation and Inquiry, Physical Health, Growth, Fine Motor Development, Health & Hygiene


Social-emotional development, language development, physical and cognitive development.


Step 1:

Simple Simon went to the fair looking for some pie.  Recite the poem “Simple Simon” to the children and see what they think! 

Step 2:

Wash hands and open a discussion about hand hygiene!

Step 3:

Allow the children to take turns measuring and mixing the yogurt and whipped topping.  Spread the mixture over the graham cracker crust and freeze.

Step 4: 

When it is time, serve the pie with fresh diced berries.  Talk about how the pie looks, tastes and feels.  Review “Simple Simon” as you enjoy the pie together.

‘Simple Simon’ poem

Simple Simon met a pie-man,

Going to the fair;

Says Simple Simon to the pie-man,

“Let me taste your ware.”

For older toddlers: Look at pictures of children in books together. Name body parts for the children to find, or ask them to name parts that you point to.

Activity Author

Photo of Nina-Marie Mariconda
Nina-Marie Mariconda| Registered Early Childhood Educator

Nina-Marie Mariconda is the owner and operator of Cloud 9 Child Care. When she was expecting her first born she wanted to know more about Child Development and how to positively shape the leaders of tomorrow. She has been a RECE and practicing in the field for almost 7 years and she enjoys every aspect that comes with it. Her career makes life fun!

Playful Questions

What colors can you see?

What textures do you feel?

Can you name the shape of the pie?

Can you name your favorite flavours or and deserts?

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