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Yoga Activity for Kids

Just like adults, children have stress as well. It comes out in a variety of forms from anger, to crying to aggressive behaviour. Yoga is an awesome way to not only promote a healthy lifestyle but to help regulate behavior and reduce stress while calming the children down if things have got a little out of hand. Yoga can be done at any time of the day, but it might be the most useful after a long day at school or a hard morning at home.

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Engage your children in some physical self care and understanding of body and mind.

There are many reasons why it is important to teach a child to regulate their emotions and behavior. Through simple physical activity, and the promotion of a healthier lifestyle yoga can help a child release any unnecessary stress or anxiety. For this activity, you need an instructional book to show children how to do the poses correctly. There are many, “Yoga for Children” by Lisa Flynn is one of them. Depending on the age of the children and you can pick harder positions. Ideally you want to go through the book with the children and pick several poses that they think would be helpful to them. Ask them why, and chart it on chart paper to track which poses the class has done. Do as many as they want and just make sure they are in a safe environment to be flexible.


For this Activity you will need:

Book “Yoga for Children” by Lisa Flynn OR if you have another book with instructions

A large piece of paper

A Marker

One yoga mat per child

A CD player OR phone that you can play soft calming music on

A large enough space for the children to spread out and feel safe and comfortable

Learning Outcomes




Gross Motor


Increasing control, speed and coordination


Step 1:

Find a large place or move some tables and chairs to make enough room so no one falls and gets hurt. If nice, consider taking it outside on the grass.

Step 2:

Go through the idea of yoga and having a calm focus while the children look through the book "Yoga for Children" by Lisa Flynn.

Step 3:

Set up a mat per child so they have a safe and comfortable area to stretch out.

Step 4:

Have the children pick several poses from the book that they think would be helpful to them. Write down what they are on a large piece of paper and why it would help them.

Step 5:

Turn on some calming music.

Step 6:

Follow the instructions how to create each pose with the children and start the yoga.

Playful Questions

  • What pose would you like to try?

  • Why did you pick that one?

  • Have you ever done Yoga before?

  • Do you think this is exercise? Why?

  • How does Yoga make you feel?

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