A Water Cycle Story

Reading is a great way to encourage language and development of literacy. This short story about the water cycle will teach children more about where they can find water in its multiple forms: rain, rivers, lakes, ponds, and steam. It's a great story to be read on rainy days, whether they love the rain or prefer a sunny day.

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Story Time!

The sky is cloudy, and the clouds start turning gray.

You hear the loud crack of a thunder.

The rain is about to start.

Some people run to take cover. 

Others are already inside.

Don't you love to watch the rain falling on the windows?

Trying to guess which drop will get to the bottom first?

The rain falls everywhere. 

On the rooftops, on the streets.

On the parks, and on the fields.

And on top of many many umbrellas. 

Colorful and black alike.

But some drops fall straight into the water.

Of rivers and streams.

There, they find many other water droplets, just like them.

And the river flows.

Straight into lakes and ponds.

And there it finds yet more water.

And the pond gets a little bit fuller. 

And so does the lake.

When the rain stops, the sun starts to shine.

And some days, the weather gets nice and warm.

So warm that the water starts to evaporate. 

Do you know what "evaporate" means?

It's when the water gets so warm that it turns into steam.

Just like when your grandma is making tea, and her kettle starts to whistle.

The water steam floats higher and higher.

So high that it starts to get cold again.

The steam turns into water once more, forming the clouds. 

Beautiful, white, and fluffy clouds.

As more steam arrives, the clouds start to get heavy.

Heavy, gray, and full of water. 

So full they can’t hold any more.

And then the rain starts falling once again.

Unless it was cold. 

So cold that we would get some snow.

But not today. Today the weather is warm and sunny.

As the rain falls, the sun permeates the droplets.

And it forms a colorful rainbow.

Isn’t it wonderful?

by Mathias Neves

Learning Outcomes




Enjoying literacy


Showing pleasure and enjoyment during activities with language, music, and print materials

Playful Questions

• What are clouds made of?

• How do you feel when it rains?

• Where can you find water?

• What happens to water when it's hot?

• What do you use water for?