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Vegetables at the Fair

Explore different types of vegetables through sorting.

Let's explore vegetables, baskets, and sorting!

Whether it is at the market, the fair or the farm, farmers and gardeners often like to put their vegetables on display in beautiful baskets.

Chidlren will be motivated to play with the vegetables and baskets placed in front of them. Children may begin to arrange, rearrange and or mix different types of vegetables together.

As they play, help children name the vegetables. Draw attention to colors and textures. It is also a great opportunity to count them for the children, and encourage the children to join as they are able.


For this developmental activity you will need:

Assorted toy vegetables


Learning Outcomes


Cognitive, Language


Number Sense, Quantity & Operations, Geometry & Spatial Sense, Patterning, Sorting & Classifying, Reasoning, Curiosity, Initiative, Risk-Taking, Problem Solving, Reasoning


Children will explore various vegetables, baskets, and sorting skills.


Step 1:

Present the variety of vegetables and baskets and invite conversation about what the children see.

Step 2:

Give the children space to sort, count, rearrange, and mix the vegetables in the baskets,

Step 3:

As the children explore the vegetables and baskets, help the children count and name the vegetables, talk about the colors and textures and find out who has tried them.

Activity Author

Photo of Taylor Hernandez
Taylor Hernandez| Early Childhood Educator

Taylor is an Early Childhood Educator with over 16 year experience in the field. She currently teaches Child Development courses at the college level and loves to connects with current and future educators through her community @EarlyChildhoodSquad.

Playful Questions

Which vegetables are familiar to you?

What vegatables do you see at home?

Are any of them new?

How many vegetables are in each basket?