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Spelling Game - Unscrambling Eggs

Get the children excited about reading and writing with this fun spelling challenge! This activity is perfect for when you’re stuck inside, offering extended playing time as you change the words or make modifications to increase the difficulty as the child’s abilities improve.

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Crack open this fun spelling activity!

This is a cooperative game where your child and you (or an older sibling or classmate) will unscramble words to read out loud and then write down.

The children will choose an “egg” to crack open and discover a collection of scrabble pieces. Each egg contains a different word, which will then be rearranged until the correct spelling is found. The kids will be so excited as they watch the tiles spill onto the table and be so proud of themselves once they discover what words they form!

👂Sound it out. If the child is having difficulty, have them hold each a letter to help sound out the word.

🎓 Extend this activity for older kiddos. When they’re ready, be less involved and have the child unscramble the words and write them down themselves.

💡 Use familiar words. Choose words that aren’t too long and your child is most likely to recognize, such as their name, their favorite food or an animal.


For this activity you will need:

Large plastic eggs that can open

Scrabble letter pieces

Piece of paper


Learning Outcomes




Phonological awareness


Recognizing, speaking and writing down words.


Step 1:

Write a list of age-appropriate words.

Step 2:

Open a plastic egg and place the Scrabble letters for one word inside. Close the egg.

Step 3:

Repeat step 2 for each of the words in your list.

Step 4:

Give the child an egg, piece of paper and marker. 

Step 5:

Open an egg and spill the letters out onto the table. Help the child unscramble the letters to form a word. 

Step 6:

Once a word is discovered, have the child say it out loud.

Step 7:

Have the child write down the word. If they are unable to independently, you can help them with hand-over-hand.

On your mark, get set, GO! For older kids, use a timer to see if they can unscramble the words before the time runs out. If there are many children, they can be divided into teams and compete with each other.

Playful Questions

Can you spell this word out loud?

What does this word mean?

Which word has the most letters?

Which of these words is your favorite? Why?

What word do you think is inside of this egg?

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