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Tree Parts

After going on a nature walk and collecting items, students will try to identify the parts of a tree.

Let's learn about different part of a tree!

Students will go on a nature walk and look for parts of a tree. (bark, twig, leaf, berries, moss, etc.) and they will look at each part closely. Then, using a poster of a tree that shows the different parts, students will try to decide where their items are found on a tree.  This is a fun, hands-on activity that students will enjoy. Once they are done with their observations, they can create leaf rubbings, drawings, and sculptures based on their findings.


For this developmental activity you will need:

Non-toxic tree parts like a branch, log, leaves, bark, moss. (have some of these already collected just in case you cannot find a lot of items on nature walk)

Magnifying glasses for science center 

Various books about trees

Nature walk scavenger hunt sheet (paper with various things to look for outside) 

Poster or photo of a tree to hang in science center

Learning Outcomes




Inquiry and Observation


Finding nature items on nature walk.

Identifying parts of tree.

Describing parts of tree.


Step 1:

Gather students on the rug and hold up a photo of a tree.  Ask students what they see. After students say “tree,” ask them what they notice about the tree. Look for keywords like leaves, branches, etc. and tell them they will get to go on a tree hunt today where they will get to look for tree parts! 

Step 2:

Hand each student the scavenger hunt sheet that has different things to look for on their walk. (leaf, squirrel, branch, bark, etc) Encourage students to walk slowly and listen to the sounds of nature. What do they hear? What do they smell? What do they see? When they find something on their list, tell them to stop and raise their hand to show the class. If it is something that can be taken back to class, have the student place it in the class bag. Explain that we cannot take a leaf or a branch if it is still attached and alive.

Step 3:

When you return to class, gather around the science center in the classroom.  Slowly empty the class bag (along with the items pre collected) and place it in the science center next to the magnifying glasses and crayons and paper. Encourage students to visit the science center, two at a time, and explore the different items found. If they don’t know what the part of the tree is, ask them to look at the tree poster to see if it looks like something from there. 

Step 4:  

Students can use the crayons and paper to make leaf or bark rubbings, draw photos of the parts of the tree, etc.

Playful Questions

What sounds do you hear in nature?

When do you like to go outside?

What do you like to do when you’re outside?

Have you ever climbed a tree before?

What grows on a tree?

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