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Things I Like

Children share preferences and favorite activities with each other.

Let's discuss different things we like!

Now it's time to discuss with the children all of their favorite things and activities. Examples include: their favorite toy, their favorite food, their favorite activity. It is always great to share some personal prefences.


For this developmental activity you will need:

Concept Cube or a Box

Things I like Concept Cube Cards (see resource)

Favorite Toys

Learning Outcomes




Receptive & Expressive Language, Self-Awareness & Self-Concept, Feelings & Emotions


Increased awareness and exploration of personal preference.


Step 1:

Create a concept cube, using an available block and images of different things children like.

Step 2:

Help the babies to notice If any of the other children in the room are engaged in similar activities.  Discover which images are the most interesting to the children.

Step 3:

Offer the children their favorite toy.  Help the child to put a name to the toy “X likes to play with the stacking cups!”

Step 4:

Continue to name and label the toys.

Activity Author

Photo of Dianna McGregor + Stephanie-Rachel Gomes
Dianna McGregor + Stephanie-Rachel Gomes| Early Childhood Educators

Play to Grow is an online platform that provides virtual learning experiences for children in their early years. Our mission at Play to Grow is not only to offer unique educational opportunities but more importantly to keep little minds active, engaged, and excited to learn while promoting social and emotional development in lieu of traditional learning.

Playful Questions

Can you explain or show why you like X?

How does it make you feel?

How does it taste?