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The Food at the Fair: Song and Dancing

Children will expore movement by singing and dancing.

Let's Get moving!

In this activity infants will explore music and instruments while moving.

Young babies may need to be held while the educator gently dances with them. Older babies who are standing or walking might enjoy dancing with the educator on the ground. Dancing is not only great for motor development, but also for social development.


For this developmental activity you will need:


Musical Instruments

Learning Outcomes


Physical, Social


Gross Motor Development, Music, Movement & Dance, Trust & Relationships, Culture, Family, & Community


Exploration of music and movement.


‘The Food at the Fair’ song

You will use the song "The Wheels on the Bus".

The (food) at the fair (smells yum, yum, good!  Yum, yum, good!  Yum, yum, good!)

The (food) at the fair (smells yum, yum, good!)

All around the fairgrounds!

Alternate with:

Pocornia goes pop, pop, pop!

Peanutsa go crunch, crunch, crunch!

Snow conesa are brr, brr, cold!

Extensions include playing different types of music including current hits or music the children would like to share from home.

As the music plays, dance with the babies, you might pick young babies up to gently dance with them.

Activity Author

Photo of Taylor Hernandez
Taylor Hernandez| Early Childhood Educator

Taylor is an Early Childhood Educator with over 16 year experience in the field. She currently teaches Child Development courses at the college level and loves to connects with current and future educators through her community @EarlyChildhoodSquad.

Playful Questions

Can you show me how to dance?

Can you play some music with your instrument?

Do you like to dance?

For smaller infants: They may not comprehend just yet the questions being ask. But holding and signing to them is always a great alternative.