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The Food at the Fair

Help children build their language development.

Children will sing a song about the food they find at the fair!

There are so many wonderful experiences when attending a fair. This song helps the children imagine all of the different kinds of food they would see, smell and eat. Including actions within the verses will also get the children moving!


For this developmental activity you will need:

Song:  ‘The Food at the Fair’

Learning Outcomes


Language, Cognitive


Receptive Language, Expressive Language


Helps with language development.


Step 1:

Invite a discussion about memories children may have about going to the fair.  Talk about how for many people, it is the fair treats that stand out the most!

Step 2:

Review the idea that, at the fair, many people are selling different foods from booths – like pizza or donuts, hot dogs and cotton candy!

Step 3:

Sing “The Food at the Fair” song and invite the children to sing along as they wish.

‘The Food at the Fair’ song

You will use the song "The Wheels on the Bus".

The (food) at the fair (smells yum, yum, good!  Yum, yum, good!  Yum, yum, good!)

The (food) at the fair (smells yum, yum, good!)

All around the fairgrounds!

Alternate with:

Pocornia goes pop, pop, pop!

Peanutsa go crunch, crunch, crunch!

Snow conesa are brr, brr, cold!

As an extension, think about adding actions!  During the first verse, you could rub your tummy and during the part about popcorn, you could bounce up and down!  See if the children have any suggestions for fun movements to add to the song!

Activity Author

Photo of Taylor Hernandez
Taylor Hernandez| Early Childhood Educator

Taylor is an Early Childhood Educator with over 16 year experience in the field. She currently teaches Child Development courses at the college level and loves to connects with current and future educators through her community @EarlyChildhoodSquad.

Playful Questions

What are your favorite memories of going to the fair?

What did you smell?

What was your favorite thing to eat?