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Temperature Watch

Students will get to track autumn weather every day for a few weeks to get firsthand experience with the weather getting cooler as the days go by.

Let's use a thermometer and track the temperature outside!

It is good for students to see how something can progress over time. By checking the weather each day outside at the same time for a few weeks, students will get to enjoy consistency and allow them to feel like scientists! Tracking the weather on a big chart will allow for students to see if the temperature goes down.


For this developmental activity you will need:

Outdoor thermometer

Big chart with temperatures on one side and the date on the other side to track daily temperatures

Learning Outcomes




Measurement and Data


Uses words to describe measurable attributes.

Observes and explores ways to use tools to measure objects.

With adult support, collects and records information in different ways.


Step 1

Show students what an outdoor thermometer looks like. Talk about words like fahrenheit and celsius and what it is right now outside. 

Step 2

Introduce the weather chart and how you will be tracking the weather every day at the same time for two weeks. 

Step 3

Ask students what they think will happen. Will it get colder? Will it get warmer? 

Step 4

Find a spot to place the thermometer outside and after a few minutes, read what the temperature is. Track it on the chart all together and assign someone to be the weather person to do so each day.

Playful Questions

Why do some people use celsius and some use fahrenheit?

Why does the weather change in some parts of the world?

How does a thermometer work?

What is a weather person called?

How do the meteorologists know what the weather is going to be like?

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