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Table Toys

This is an effortless matching activity with minimal preparation. Children will learn so much from this activity, such as math, shapes, critical thinking and spatial awareneness. Toy matching can also give new life to an old toy!

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Children will explore playing and matching with various table toys!

This is a great matching activity that will have children engaged from beginning to end. As children will explore matching various table toys to visuals.


For this developmental activity you will need:

Laminated photos of actual toys from the classroom

Various toys such as blocks, balls, toy cars, stackers

Learning Outcomes




Geometry and Spatial Sense Patterns, Sorting/Classifying, Reasoning Curiosity, Initiative, and Risk-Taking


Using laminated photos taped to the shelves of the toys they play with, children will be able to easily identify where to place toys.


Step 1:

Have all toys from a shelf in the middle of the rug and everyone sits around them in a circle.

Step 2:

Hold up a laminated photo of one of the toys and ask a volunteer to find the matching toy. That student can pick up that toy and bring it to see if it’s a match.

Step 3:

Continue the matching game until all toys are matched. 

Step 4:

Allow students to play with the toys, and during that time, secure each laminated photo to the shelf. 

Step 5:

At clean-up time, encourage children to match the toy with the photo for simple organization.

Playful Questions

Can you name the toy that you paired to the image?

How many numbers is a 'pair'?

For younger children repeat to them - Did you find a pair? Pairs are the same. They go together.

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