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Sun Coloring Page - Free Printable

Here comes the sun! This adorable sun and cloud coloring page is a great indoor activity sure to brighten up any gloomy looking day! Pick out your brightest looking pencil crayons, crayons or markers and fill in this free printable!

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Wave hello to Mr. Sun with this coloring page!

In need of a warm hug from the sun? This adorable coloring page will provide just that! Grab your hues or orange, yellow, and red to color in the sun. Don't forget the clouds though, they love to hangout with the sun too! Did you know over 1,000,000 Earth's could fit inside the sun?! Although the sun is quite far away from the Earth, it plays a vital role in keeping us warm, bringing us light to see and helping our plants and tree grow by providing food! Say a big thank you to our most important star in the universe with this fun sun and cloud coloring page- sure to brighten any day!

Learning Outcomes




Fine Motor Skills


Controlling small muscles

Playful Questions

  • What happens if we stay in the sun too long?

  • How do plants use the sun to make food?

  • Have you ever seen a solar eclipse?

  • What happens when a cloud covers the sun?

  • Do you know any animals that care awake when the sun is not out?

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