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Summer Sun Sensory Bin

Create a fun sensory bin for your child to splash around in on a hot summer’s day. This water-play activity is themed around the sun with different materials that will assist in your child’s sensory development and exploration.

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Engage your baby’s senses as they splash and play around in a sun-themed sensory bin!

About the contributor: Nascha is one of our Community Contributors from Songs With Nash, an online community full of activities, for children using songs, music and movement. Babies love water and creating a water play bin will help your baby develop their senses. In this activity, we’ve included materials that are yellow and orange to develop their visual domain, materials that are safe to smell and taste, as well as materials that invite them to touch in order to develop their tactile sense.

📚 Books to explore: Sun by Carol Thompson, Indestructibles: Beach Baby by Kate Merritt

🤝 Better together: Invite your older children to come splash around as well! This activity can be fun for the whole family.

🗣 What’s that sound?: Your baby might be apprehensive at first so it’s great to model sounds and expressions of enjoyment. Your baby will enjoy engaging their senses with you!


For this activity you will need:

Large bin (or a bathtub depending if you want to do this indoors or outdoors)


Cutting Board

Lemon and/ or Orange

Dandelions, sunflowers or any yellow non-toxic flowers

Yellow or orange sponges

Noodle water toy

Learning Outcomes




Touch: Tactile Exploration


Touching, rubbing, squeezing materials


Step 1:

Have an adult wash and slice the lemon and orange into rounds. Slice the noodle into rounds as well. Separate the flowers from their stems. 

Step 2:

Set the large bin up on a low table or the ground and fill it with cool water.

Step 3:

Place the materials (sliced citrus, flowers and sponges) inside the bin. 

Step 4:

Invite your baby over to the bin and use the modelling method to engage with some of the materials. For example, lick a lemon slice and squeeze your eyes and lips together as you say “eeeeeee, sour”. Lift a sponge out of the water and squish it as you make sounds (like “woooo” or “ooooh”) and facial expressions of awe.

Step 5:

Always supervise your child during water play. Be safe and have fun splashing!

⬆️ For older infants: Include a second, empty bin and have them scoop materials from one bin to the other using a measuring cup or ladle.

⬇️ For younger infants: Use a very large bin or your bathtub and fill it with just an inch or two of water. Have your child sit in the water! (Infants must be supervised at all times)

Activity Author

Photo of Nascha
Nascha| Early Childhood Educator

I’m Nascha from Songs With Nash. I’ve always been passionate about engaging with children and strongly believe in education for little ones through music, movement and stories. After working with in the non-profit early education sector, I decided to branch out on my own.

Playful Questions

The water is cool!

What do you see in the water?

How does it feel/taste/smell/look?

The yellow lemon tastes sour. 

I like to squishhhh the sponge (model squishing a sponge)

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