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Summer Salad

This is a fun and yummy way for children to observe and really appreciate the vibrant fruit colors that they are about to eat.

Discovery fun with a yummy fruit salad!

Fruits come in many colors, shapes, sizes and varieties. Simply creating a fruit salad with the children can spark sensory stimulation, observation and appreciation.


For this developmental activity you will need:






Softened Cream Cheese

Vanilla Extract

Measuring Spoons

Large Spoon

Large Bowl

Individual Spoons and Serving Bowls

Learning Outcomes


Cognition and Social Development


Patterning, Sorting and Classification, Fine Motor Development, Physical Health and Self Care, Observation and Inquiry, Taking turns


Healthy foods, healthy children, increased knowledge and experience with fruits.

Step 1:

Ensure everyone washes their hands and reviews the importance of good hygiene.

Step 2:

Review the variety of fruits with the children, invite discussion about shape, size, color, and children’s past experiences with the fruits.

Step 3:

Wash, peel, and cut the fruits into bite-sized pieces and place them into a bowl, taking turns observing and appreciating the uniqueness of each fruit.

Step 4:

Ask the children to assist by adding cream cheese and vanilla extract to the mixture and taking turns stirring.

Step 5: 

Serve the salad and enjoy!

For older preschoolers: you can increase the amount of participation with the preparation of the fruit.

Activity Author

Photo of Yasmeen Kamrani Sallam
Yasmeen Kamrani Sallam| Early Childhood Educator and Administrator

Meet Yasmeen Kamrani Sallam. Yasmeen is the Administrator of three preschools in Alameda, CA. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a focus on Human Resources & Marketing, a minor in Human Development specializing in Early Childhood Education, as well as a Master of Science in Early Childhood Education. She has over 20 years of combined experience in the classroom and administration. She believes children thrive in an environment filled with intention, beauty, curiosity, and wonder. Yasmeen's goal is to provide resources to empower educators, parents, and anyone for all things Early Childhood.

Playful Questions

What makes a healthy meal or snack?

What fruits grow out of the ground?

How do you stir, pour and scoop?

How can we work together? Take turns and share utensils.