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Stars Coloring Page - Free Printable

Have you ever seen a shooting star? This free printable is full of them! Children are naturally curioius about space and the world around them. Sometimes, depending where you live it may be hard to see stars at night. Not at HiMama headquarters though, we've got lots of them for you to color on this printable coloring page!

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Stars Coloring Page - Free Printable

Have you ever looked up at the night sky and seen a shooting star? Maybe where you live you can't always see the stars. Here at HiMama headquarters we've got all the stars and shooting stars you would ever want to color! The closest star to earth would take over 1,000,000 years to travel there! We figured you didn't have that amount of time to travel to the closest star so we brought them to you through the help of this free coloring page! Now, the next time you look up at night and see stars, although they may seem close, we know that they're in fact incredibly far away from us!

Learning Outcomes




Fine Motor Skills


Controlling small muscles

Playful Questions

  • Have you ever seen a shooting star?

  • Do you know the names of any constellations?

  • How many stars do you think are in the sky?

  • What are stars made of?

  • Can you find the brightest star in the sky?

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