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Star of David Masking Tape Activity

The Star of David is a six-pointed star that is used as a symbol by Jewish people. It is also found on the flag of Israel. This activity uses a unique art process and allows children to understand the shape of the Star of David. It is a unique shape and allows children to understand how there are multiple shapes within the one shape.

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Create colorful Stars of David to celebrate Hanukkah with this art activity!

📚New Concept: The concept of a “symbol” can be complex for young children. Break it down into smaller terms to help children understand what a symbol is and have them think of their own symbols.

🇮🇱 Discover the world! Introduce the flag from Israel to children and have them notice the Star of David. See if they can find other shapes and patterns in other flags - do they recognize the flag of the country they live in?

🔺Did you know? The Star of David is named after King David of Israel and it is very famous. The star consists of a triangle, overlapped by another, "upside-down" triangle.


For this activity you will need:

Art canvas

Blue paint


Masking tape or painters tape

Learning Outcomes




Understanding Two-Dimensional and Three-Dimensional Shapes


Identifying common attributes of shapes


Step 1:

Start by taping off your canvas in the shape of the star of David. An easy way to do this is to first trace the shape of the Star of David and then place masking tape on top of the marks on the canvas.

Step 2:

Next, invite your child(ren) to paint the entire canvas. During this part, they can mix colors and spread them all over the canvas making sure to cover the entire canvas. 

Step 3:

Once the paint is completely dry, remove the masking tape to reveal the Star of David on the canvas!

⬆️ For older preschoolers:  Older children will love ripping the tape and measuring out the correct length for their star — great hand-eye coordination and fine motor practice!

⬇️ For younger toddlers: Pre-rip the tape lengths for them and help guide little hands where to put the tape. The pre-ripped tape will make it more accessible for children whose fine motor muscles aren’t fully developed.

Playful Questions

What shapes do you notice in the Star of David?

How many triangles are there in the Star of David?

How did you measure the tape for your Star of David?

Have you ever seen a Star of David before?

What happened when you mixed 3 colors together?

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