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Stand-up Silly - Interactive Story Time

This is a fun game that will have your students telling one story collectively that will get progressively sillier as the game goes on. As children learn and grow, being able to think on the spot and speak in front of an audience is important. This shows the children they are in a safe place to use their creativity and share their amazing ideas with one another!

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This simple, interactive activity gives children an opportunity to be silly, creative and expressive while also encouraging them to think on their feet!

Be ready to hear some interesting short stories in this circle exercise!

This is a reusable activity that can be adapted as well to any theme you may be running in your classroom. All you need a few name cards to hold in front of the children as the story is being told. A fun twist on name cards is to have the children take some silly selfies that can be used instead. This will be shuffled, and will indicate who’s turn it is to talk.

This story-telling game a great way to get your students' minds working, but also get a big laugh out of everyone!

As the teacher, you can guide the children with some questions to drive the story to a successful ending, without it being drawn out too long. You should be able to get about 5 stories told in one 20 minute play session.


For this Activity you will need:

  • Cue cards with children’s names/selfie photos. There should be one card for each child who is participating.

  • Enough space for children to stand in a semi-circle, so that they can see the teacher or leader holding the cue cards

Learning Outcomes






Adapting messages to the needs of listeners


Step 1:

Have all of the children stand in a semi-circle, and choose a leader to stand in front of them with the name cards/pictures of only the children who are participating. The teachershould also stand up in front of the children, holding up the name cards in a single pile for the children to see.

Step 2:

Ask the initial playful questions set up the story

Step 3:

The child who is at the front of the card pile gets to start telling the story aloud

Step 4:

Here’s where it gets fun. The teacher can decide when to change to the next card, and that will signify the next child’s turn to continue the story. The leader can switch the names quickly, or slowly, or mix it up! They can even shuffle the cards every now and then to keep it interesting!

Step 5:

Let the children collaborate to tell the story until the end! It might be helpful for the teacher to give them some guidance in case the story needs to be driven with more direction! Ensure that the ending makes sense.

Step 6:

Enjoy a nice, round of applause once the story reaches the end!

Playful Questions

  • Are we making this up or are we choosing our guidelines?

  • Who is this story about?

  • What is the topic?

  • Where is the setting?

  • How can we tie the ending together?

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