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Spring Flower Rock Stamps

What better way to welcome spring than by creating your very own flowers? In this activity, children will explore the outdoors to find rocks that they’ll then use as stamps to create their own masterpieces. This is also a great opportunity for kids to learn how to regulate their emotions while developing their fine motor skills.

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Welcome spring by stamping rocks to make flowers!

Feel free to start this activity with a book that ties into spring and flowers to help pique the childrens’ interest. Then, explore your garden, yard or neighborhood to find some rocks that you’ll use as your stamps. Once you’ve gathered all of your tools, dip the rocks into paint and stamp them onto paper to create patterns that form flowers!

✂️ How do I adapt this exercise for younger kiddos? Use hand-over-hand to help form the patterns, or just painting the rocks can be a fun activity!

🧭 Go on an adventure! Extend this activity by finding fun areas to explore to find the perfect rocks.

📚 Books to set the scene: The Tiny Seed by Eric Carle, Spring Is Here by Will Hillenbrand, and Little Blue Truck’s Spring Time by Alice Schertle.


For this Activity you will need:

  • Rocks (varying sizes)

  • Paint (varying colors)

  • Paint brushes

  • White paper 

  • Green marker 

  • (Optional) Garbage bag or newspaper to protect surfaces

Learning Outcomes






Using art supplies to create a flower.


Step 1:

Go on a walk through your garden, yard or neighborhood to find rocks of varying sizes. 

Step 2:

Lay out a surface protector such as a garbage bag or newspaper and place all of your materials on it.

Step 3:

Have the child paint one side of the rock and the press it into the paper. Then, lift the rock up to see the impression that has been left.

Step 4:

Have the kiddo make as many stamps on the paper as they’d like to form a flower pattern.

Step 5:

Allow the paint to dry.

Step 6:

Take a green marker and draw a stem for the flower.

🌈 Decisions, decisions. Allow for decision-making by asking your child to choose which colors they’d like to use.

🐢 Slow and steady. Encourage your child to carefully press the stamps onto the page rather than dropping them or moving them around when pressed down.

🌻 A bouquet of possibilities! Now is a great time to teach your child about the varieties of flowers so they can choose which design they’d like to create.

Playful Questions

  • What colors should we use? 

  • What are the parts of a flower? 

  • Which rocks should we use for the petals?

  • What type of flower should we make?

  • Why do flowers grow in the spring?

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