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Spell Your Name

Having your child learn more about themselves is always fun and a great place to start is with their own name! Seeing how different letters come together to form a word is an important step in learning about the alphabet, and is also an important part of school readiness.

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Can you spell your name?

This is a fun way to teach your child how to spell their name. On a small piece of paper write their full name. Then, have your child search for the matching plastic letters to spell their name on their own. Once they’ve mastered this, you can expand on it to challenge your child in many different ways!

📚 Books to explore: I Like Myself by Karen Beaumont; I Can Be Anything by Jerry Spinelli; and ABC, I Like Me! by Nancy Carlson.

🤝 Fun with a friend: Have your child name friends or family members and then challenge them to find their letters in the bin. 

👂 Sound it out: Have your child sound out the letters as they find them to help reinforce this skill.


For this activity you will need:

Small bin 

Plastic or foam letters



Learning Outcomes




Letter recognition


Identifying the letter that begins their names and its sound.


Step 1:

On the paper, write your child’s name.

Step 2:

Add some small letters into a bin and mix them up.

Step 3:

Introduce the letters in the bin to your child and show them how they can match them up with the letters in their name. 

Step 4:

Have your child explore the letters in the bin until they find the ones that match their name.

⬆️ For older preschoolers: Have them make the sounds of each of the letters in their name.

⬇️ For younger toddlers: Start simple, for example with just the first letter of their name, and then add more letters.

Playful Questions

What letter do you think your name starts with?

Do you know how to spell your name? 

What is your last name? 

Do you have a friend whose name starts with the same letter as yours?

How many names do you know?

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