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Space Coloring Page - Free Printable

Our free printable space coloring page will spark your child's imagination on the universe beyond our planet!

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Try our out of this world space coloring page

What exactly are we looking at when we stare out at the night sky? For children first learning about space it can sound like a fantasy come true - shooting stars, enormous planets made of gas, and satellites sending messages out into the universe - there is so much to learn! Spark a conversation with your children at home or in the classroom with our space coloring page, filled with all sorts of celestial bodies. A good place to start is to tell them a little about what each item is and what it is made of, and have them decide what color to use. Or, let their imagination run wild and encourage them to add their own touches to the page - with spacemen, aliens and maybe even themselves! Download and print our free coloring page by clicking the button above. After that, all you need is some coloring utensils and you are ready to blast off!

Learning Outcomes




Fine Motor Skills


Controlling small muscles

Playful Questions

  • What is an asteroid made of?

  • What color would a satellite be if it is made of metal?

  • Can you find Earth on the coloring page?

  • Where do you think aliens live?

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