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Social Distancing - A Short Story

Quarantine hasn't been easy for any of us, but it can be especially hard for children. It's important to speak with them about it, to validate their feelings, and let them know they are not alone. This short story with a heartwarming twist will help open up the conversation.

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Story Time!

Things haven't been the same lately.

I haven't been to school in a while.

My parents are teaching me at home.

They have also been spending a lot more time here.

Which is good. I like that part.

But I miss seeing the rest of my family.

I miss them so much that I almost hug my brother.

Even when we see them, we have to stay a few feet apart.

It's called "social distancing", mom said. 

It's to protect them and ourselves.

I can't wait to hug grandma and grandpa really really tight.

But until then, I found the perfect solution: I've been saving my hugs.

I keep track in my journal of all the hugs I wanted to give them, one by one.

So far I've tracked 37.

When we're finally able to hug each other again, I'll give them a big big hug.

As long as all the hugs that I have saved.

Just thinking about it makes my heart warm.

Because then we won't have to stay apart anymore.

by Mathias Neves

Learning Outcomes




Enjoying literacy


Showing pleasure and enjoyment during activities with language, music, and print materials

Activity Author

Photo of Mathias
Mathias| Author

Hi! I’m Mathias Neves, a Toronto-based Brazilian author. My books and short stories are mostly focused on mental health, but I believe the most boring of topics can be made interesting for children. When not writing, you can find me working as a digital marketer at HiMama.

Playful Questions

• What is social distancing?

• Do you miss hugging your friends?

• Who are you going to hug first when that's possible?

• What is your favorite part about staying at home?

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