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Snowflake Names

Children typically begin to recognize the letters in their names first, this snowflake name activity is a great addition to your winter activities.

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Let’s build snowflake names!

Write the letters of children’s names on doilies, or child created snowflakes for a fun search and find name game. 


Get a (little) helping hand. For younger children the teacher can write the letters on the snowflakes. 

Curiosity. Have you ever seen a real snowflake? Provided real images of snowflakes and talk about how each one is unique!

Scaffolding. For older children, provide the supplies and allow the children to create their own snowflakes and write the letter of their name on each snowflake.


For this developmental activity you will need:

Paper doilies


Learning Outcomes


Language, Cognitive, Physical


Letter Recognition, Fine Motor Skills


Receptive Language 

Expressive Language

Foundational Reading 


Fine Motor Skills

Self-Awareness and Self-Concept


Step 1:

Gather enough paper doilies to spell out each child's name and print one letter on each doily.

Step 2:

Mix up the doilies and scatter them on a tabletop.

Step 3:

Invite children to sort through the snowflakes to find letters that belong in their names. Then, have them arrange the doilies to spell out their names on the floor.

Step 4:

Have children walk around the names. Can they identify the names of their friends? Which names share some of the same letters?

Keep the fun going.

Have children tape or glue their snowflakes together and hang them from the ceiling or on the windows.

Playful Questions

What letter does your name start with?

How many letters are in your name? 

How many snowflakes will you need to spell your name?

Have you seen a real snowflake?

Do snowflakes form in the heat or in the cold?

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