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Snowflake Candy Counting

Christmas time brings lots of goodies, including chocolate! Children will love practicing number recognition and counting with this fun snowflake candy counting activity! This activity is so easy to set up and can be done in small groups or for a whole classroom. It is also a great way to identify numbers with children and will gain their interest through some sweets!

Download and Print

Activity PDF

See if you can count all the candies on your snowflake!

Spice up your traditional counting activities with this fun candy counting game! Children will be engaged with this activity with the idea of a sweet treat at the end! Have a child who is not too interested in counting and math? This activity should spark their interest!

🚫Allergies? Switch up the candies or opt for small red and green counters if you have allergies to chocolate.

🍬 First Steps! Add an extra element to this game by having the children first sort the red and green candies from the rest. What do you do with the leftover? Eat them!

❄️ Circle Time Idea! This is a great activity to do during circle time. Children will get to practice patience as they wait their turn to count and taste their candies!


For this activity you will need:

Red and green chocolates (e.g. M&Ms)

Free, printable snowflake counters


Learning Outcomes






Counting in meaningful ways in play and daily living


Step 1:

Print out our free snowflake counters and cut them out.

Step 2:

Place your red and green candies in a bowl in front of the child.

Step 3:

Encourage children to identify the number on each snowflake and count out the corresponding chocolates to each snowflake.

Step 4: 

Continue until you’ve practiced all 10 numbers!


If you buy a pack of candies that have additional colors, you can have the children sort them by color as an additional activity!

⬆️ For older preschoolers: Make this a game! Print off 2 copies of snowflake counters and see who can correctly identify and count out the candies for each snowflake the fastest!

⬇️ For younger toddlers: Number recognition is the first step for counting. Have children understand what each number looks like before moving on to counting. These make fun flash cards, too!

Playful Questions

Were there more red or green candies?

Can you count the candies by 2’s?

Can you make a pattern on the snowflake using the candies?

What is your favorite Christmas candy?

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