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Simple Simon

Children enjoy listening to a new nursery rhyme!

Nursery rhymes are a fun way to teach children about music, rhyme and language. In this activity children will learn the lyrics while observing and discussing visuals of a fair-themed nursery rhyme, Simple Simon.


For this developmental activity you will need:

Copy of Simple Simon

Pie pans


Learning Outcomes


Physical, Cognition


Receptive Language, Expressive Language, Foundational Reading, Observation and Inquiry


Exploring sounds, listening and language while learning a nursery rhyme.


Step 1:

While singing the Simple Simon nursery rhyme, give each child an instrument and/or pie plate to play with. 

Step 2:  

Encourage children to clap, bang on the pans, and make rhythmic sounds. 

Step 3:

Model for babies tempo by clapping or tapping to the beat of the rhyme.

Simple Simon

Simple Simon met a pieman,

Going to the fair;

Says Simple Simon to the pieman,

"Let me taste your ware."

Activity Author

Photo of Nina-Marie Mariconda
Nina-Marie Mariconda| Registered Early Childhood Educator

Nina-Marie Mariconda is the owner and operator of Cloud 9 Child Care. When she was expecting her first born she wanted to know more about Child Development and how to positively shape the leaders of tomorrow. She has been a RECE and practicing in the field for almost 7 years and she enjoys every aspect that comes with it. Her career makes life fun!

Playful Questions

Can you (the child) point to a pie?

Can someone find the hat on the pieman?

What is your favorite treat at the fair?

Can you name some pie flavors?

What kinds of foods are at the fair?

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