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Simon Says + Parachute Game for Kids

Many children have played the classic parachute game and it is always a hit! This is a twist on the traditional parachute game and can be changed up and added to in many ways. This is best played outside or in a large gym space for safety. This game helps increase emotional regulations and helps reduce stress through exercise.

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Bring your students together with a mashup of two classic games that adds a twist to playing with a parachute!

This game is a spin-off of the classic game of parachute using rules from another classic, Simon Says. It’s quick and fun and help burn off some unnecessary energy for children. It also helps promote emotional regulation and behavioral regulation while they are playing. For this game all you need is a large room or a nice space outside and parachute. Take as much time as you need to play this game. Throughout the game the children will be turn taking being Simon and yelling out the instructions. Peers need to listen for the instructions and if their name is being called for an action. Don’t forget to Say “Simon says…” or your out!


  • One Large parachute  

  • A large open space to play safely

Learning Outcomes




Regulating Emotions and Behavior


Using a variety of strategies to regulate emotions such as anxiety


Step 1:

Gather the children in a large area like a gym or outside if the weather is permitting

Step 2:

Open up the parachute so they can all sit around it spaced out and with a handle

Step 3:

Explain the rules to the children. Each each child will take a turn being Simon. Children who are Simon get to pick from a list of commands you provide them. Some examples: a command for two children to switch locations (John and Jane switch!), or commands to shake the parachute slow, fast, or side-to-side. Feel free to be creative and come up with more options for commands!

Step 4:

Assign a child to start, and start with the first “Simon says…”

Step 5:

Allow a new child to become Simon - you can keep it simple and just have the Simon role move clockwise around the parachute until everyone gets a turn.

Playful Questions

  • What are the some of the ways we can move the parachute?

  • How many children are around the parachute?

  • What colours are the parachute?

  • What is across mean?

  • What does diagonal mean?

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