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Silly Snowmen

Have fun sorting and matching with this hands-on snowmen activity.

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Have fun matching to create a snowman!

Snow is one of the most common characteristics of cold regions. It happens when the temperature goes under 0F. Larger snowflakes form when the temperature is near 0F. Snow can be kneaded like play dough, forming fun creations such as snowmen.

Children will replicate snowmen and will apply math skills to put them together in this fun art activity.


For this developmental activity you will need:

Rocks in a variety of sizes



Permanent or acrylic markers

Learning Outcomes




Match and sort to build snowmen.





Step 1: 

Snowmen are snow friends, too! Invite children to create Silly Snowmen indoors where it's warm. Gather several rocks that vary in size. Paint all sides of the rocks white and let dry.(Children can help with this step, or you can quickly spray paint the rocks away from the children.) Purchasing white rocks can also be an option.

Step 2:

Ask the children: If you were to make a snowman, how would it look? Have them use markers or paint to draw simple snowman faces on 1/3 of the rocks. (You don't have to choose the smallest rocks—use all sizes!).

Step 3:

Have the children draw buttons, scarves, stick arms, or whatever body items they wish in the center of the remaining rocks. 

Step 4:

Place all of the rocks in a bin and set it on a table. Invite children  to build Silly Snowmen by arranging the rocks in a column. Encourage them to use their imaginations!

Playful Questions

What items can we put on a snowman?

What do we put on top?

What do we put at the bottom?

If you were to make a snowman, what items would you use?

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