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Shaving Cream Paper Marbling

This fun craft will allow for some sensory play while seeing the different designs the coloring makes in the shaving cream. Children will be in awe with the results!

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Create a marbling effect using shaving cream

Toddlers love to get their hands “dirty” by exploring all kinds of textures and colors. In this activity, the children will get to add different colors to the shaving cream and use a stick to swirl the colors in order to create a marbling effect. They will think it is so magical! You can use one color and then later add another to show what happens when colors mix with each other. This activity will strengthen their fine motor skills since it requires squeezing the color out and then swirling it around with a skewer stick steadily. This activity will also build confidence since it is so subjective with no “right way” to complete it. All of the projects will be unique and aesthetically pleasing!


For each group you will need:

Card stock

Shaving cream

Food coloring

Skewer sticks (cut off sharp end for safety) or large straws

Large bin or cookie sheet

Learning Outcomes




Sensory motor integration


Swirling stick around to create marbling, holding stick and squeezing the bottle


Step 1

Using a shallow bin or cookie sheet, squeeze a generous amount of shaving cream onto the surface.

Step 2

Have the child choose a color and squeeze food coloring in small drops around the shaving cream. Repeat with any additional colors the child would like.

Step 3

Guide the child’s hand using the skewer stick or straw to swirl the colors around the shaving cream.

Step 4

Take the card stock and place on top of shaving cream area and gently press down.

Step 5

Gently lift up card stock to reveal the marbling masterpiece! Allow it to fully dry before displaying.

🎨 Extend this activity for older kiddos! Use the primary colors (red, yellow and blue) and explain how they combine to form the secondary colors (green, orange and purple).

Playful Questions

What happens when I mix colors?

Why do the colors mix like that in shaving cream?

What is my favorite color?

How many colors can I name?

What colors do I want to explore?

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