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Science Bingo - Free Printable

There is so many amazing things that are nearly imposible to understand...Teach your little ones about all the amazing discoveries that have come to us through the study of science while playing bingo! With this free printable you can start a conversation about, gravity, chemistry, space travel, stars, the possibilities are endless!

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Leave your lab coats at home and learn with science BINGO!

Science is responsible for so many human discoveries! With Science BINGO you can get your little ones curious and asking an endless stream of questions about these discoveries. Gravity, Chemistry, Space Travel... the possibilites for things to talk and teach about are endless! All it takes is our free printable, some scissors, some markers and you'll be ready to go! Get started teaching your kids about science and growing their interest from an early age! Playing Science Bingo will make it easy to capture their attention and even make things a little competitive. They'll be learning AND racing to shout BINGO!

Learning Outcomes




Identifying patterns


Identifying, creating, copying and extending patterns

Playful Questions

  • Do you know what gravity is?

  • Have you ever done any science experiments?

  • What does a microscope do? What about a Telescope?

  • What science objects do you have in the four corners?

  • Do you know what a lab coat is? Why do you think scientist wear them?

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