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Rockin' New Year's Eve Party

Receive the New Year with an amazing party done by the children.

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There’s nothing better than having fun on New Year’s Eve!

New Year’s is a special occasion to celebrate. 

Children will plan the best party ever to welcome the New Year! From the menu, to the music, to the invitation. Don’t miss out!


For this developmental activity you will need:

New Years party supplies: streamers, noisemakers, party supplies

Food items: Snacks, special drink


Fun papers


Art and crafts supplies: buttons, pompons etc.

Photographs of children

Learning Outcomes


Cognitive, Language


Use creativity and imagination to plan a party integrating fine motor and writing skills.


Develop 21st Century Skills.

Develop creativity and imagination.

Apply writing skills into a concrete setting.


Step 1:

Invite children to help you plan a party to celebrate their accomplishments so far this year and their successes in the year ahead!

Brainstorm what you need for a party: invitation, music, food, party supplies.

Step 2:

Divide children in groups or have them choose between tasks. Have them:

  1. Create an invitation

  2. Create a prop section and create decorations: Gather streamers, noise makers, party hats, and other party supplies. Have children help you drape streamers, or create any decorations they wish using arts and crafts supplies . 

  3. Create a menu and brainstorm a few snacks and a special drink to offer during the party. 

  4. Plan games: What party games might be fun to play? Planning is part of the fun!

  5. Select music: Select the music they would like to have.

  6. Provide photo albums from the past year, or display photographs on a wall. Reflect on how much the children have learned. Arrange to have a countdown. 

Step 3:

While planning and creating all of the above, reflect upon the year they 

Making children part of the celebration will make them own it. They will love it!

Playful Questions

What was the best part of your year?

What lessons did you learn?

What are the areas you would like to improve?

What are your wishes for the new year?

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