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Ring Toss

Get children into exploration of the relationships.


For this developmental activity you will need:

Paper Towel Tubes

Plastic Margarine Tubs

Heavy Paper Plates

Construction Paper

Glue or Tape

Utility Knife and Scissors (for educator use)

Learning Outcomes


Physical, Social, Cognitive


Number Sense, Quantity, Gross & Fine Motor Development, Self-Awareness & Self-Concept, Trust & Relationships


Exploration of the relationship between the rings and the stand.


Create a colorful game!  Turn the tub upside down and cut a hole (with the utility knife!) large enough to insert the cardboard tube, Decorate the tube with the construction paper (secure with tape or glue) and insert it into the hole.

Cut the middle out of the paper plates to make the rings and allow the children to be creative and decorate using markers or paint!

Step 1:

Invite the children to place the rings on the targets and then take them off again.

Step 2:

Open a discussion about the concept of “off” and “on”.

Step 3:

Allow children room to explore by trying to place the rings on by standing a short distance away and tossing them.  What happens when you get farther?  Closer?

Older toddlers may want to start counting the rings that land on the target and those that land on the floor!