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Puddle Jumping

Get out some energy with this fun puddle jumping activity! Throw on some rain boots, cut out some puddles and get jumping! The best part? No mess!

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Hop from puddle to puddle — without the mess!

Grab some construction paper, painter’s tape and your favorite rain boots and get hopping! This gross motor activity allows children to practice their jumping and coordination skills inside.

Take it outside: With a bit of chalk, make puddles on the sidewalk and jump around! Outside chalk activities = a great social distance activity for children in the area!

🎶 Move to the beat: Add some music to inspire children to move freely with their arms and legs. 


For this activity you will need:

Blue construction paper



Painter’s tape

Rainboots (optional)

Learning Outcomes




Gross motor


Jumping up and down on the spot


Step 1:

Using a pencil, trace a wavy blob onto construction paper. No need to be neat about it, puddles come in all shapes and sizes!

Step 2:

Cut your blobs out. Aim for about 5-6 blobs for children to hop around on.

Step 3:

Make small loops of painters tape and stick them to one side of your blobs to stick to your floor. Hardwood or laminate works best. If you only have carpet, be mindful that socks and construction paper make a slippery combination!

Step 4: 

Encourage your children to hop from circle to circle, perhaps on one foot and then another.

⬆️ For older preschoolers:  Add numbers or letters to the puddles using a marker. Encourage your child to jump to the specific number or letter you call out.

⬇️ For younger toddlers: Younger children will love jumping on the puddles. Encourage other movements to practice gross motor skills such as squats, a high kick etc. when they land on a puddle.

Playful Questions

Can you jump on only the light colored puddles?

Have you ever jumped in a real puddle?

What would happen if we spaced the puddles out further?

Do you think any animals/insects live in a puddle?

Where does the puddle go when the sun comes out to dry it up?

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