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Funny Faces - Printable Feelings Activity

Having a child understand facial reactions is important for socialization and understanding of gaging other emotions. This exercise will help children have a better understanding of emotions on other children’s faces and what they should do to appropriate react. We all have facial reactions to things that are having in the environment around us.

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Help build understanding of facial emotions

The reason for this game is to build a better understanding of emotions and how to read other people’s reactions during conversations. It is a quick and easy game that can be done on its own, during circle time, and with an age appropriate book about emotions.

All you need is a couple of small handheld mirrors or one large mirror that will allow for the children to see the faces they are making as well as their peers.

This activity will also prompt lots of conversation and laughs between friends as they get silly, but remember to acknowledge the mad, scared, and concerned faces before winding down the activity.

Choose several emotions you want to talk about and be able to make those faces in the mirror as well to help the children understand the concept. Don’t forget to have a laugh as well.


For each group you will need:

Hand held mirrors for each child

Or one large mirror

Learning Outcomes




Recognizing and expressing emotions


Identifying their emotions


Step 1:

Prepare a list of emotions and reason for their emotions (for example - Sad, happy, mad, confused, excited, etc). You can use our printable for this!

Step 2:

If incorporating a book, set it aside ( A recommendation for this would be: The Feelings Book By Todd Parr)

Step 3:

Have the children gathered on the carpet or at a table and start by asking who knows what a happy face looks like?

Step 4:

Hand out any handheld mirrors or have a large one ready

Step 5:

Get ready for some laughs!

Playful Questions

What does this emotion look like?

How does it make you feel when you see a friend who is sad?

What should you do if a friend is sad? (or happy, scared, etc)

When was the last time you felt happy? (sad, mad, scared etc)

Why would someone else feel this way?

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