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Pool Noodle Obstacle Course

You have probably participated in an obstacle course before and many school agers love this activity. It helps them build team spirit as well as work on their balance, coordination and planning ahead. This is a great activity to take outside, to a local park or in a large gym.

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Engage the children to use their gross motor skills as well as some team spirit!

Creating a classic obstacle course is always fun, and this course has a twist to it, Pool noodles! The recommendations below can be changed depending on space and age of the school agers. If they are old enough, they can even help put the course together. Create as many of the course pieces that you’d you like to create and then set the rules. To make it harder you can time them as well. While you are running this activity, you should be promoting positive competitive spirit with the children who are waiting their turn. Beyond just having you kiddos race for the best time, you can easily make the course into a team game or competition. Break the class into two or more teams and have each group come up with team names. You can even consider themeing the course by calling git the Pool Noddle Olympics!


For this activity you will need:

  • 40 pool noddles

  • Duct tape

  • Yard stakes (20 or so)

  • Bean bags

  • Soccer ball

Learning Outcomes




Gross Motor


Increasing control, speed and coordination


Step 1:

If the school agers are old enough, they can help you prepare the course.

Step 2:

Ground crawl and jump: Stick a yard stake in the ground and push 1 end of a pool noodle on it (pool noodles have a hollow middle with holes at both ends). Bend your pool noodle over to make a semi circle and push another yard stake in the ground where the pool noodle ends. Push the other end of the noodle on the stake. Repeat this process until you have the desired number of arcs, placing each pool noodle about 1 foot apart from the next.

Step 3:

Agility Rings: Put 10 circular pool noodles on the ground, 2 at a time. The object of this part is to bounce from ring to ring without disturbing them!

Step 4:

Bean bag Toss: Place 1-yard stake in the ground. Push a straight pool noodle onto the yard stake. Use a pool noodle rings and tape to the top of the straight pool noodle to form a hoop in the air. Repeat with 4 more circular pool noodles. Have kids toss bean bags through the hoops.

Step 5:

Soccer Skills: Stick some yard stakes in the ground in a straight row, each stake about 1 foot apart. Push a pool noodle onto each stake so they are sticking straight up in the air. Leave some soccer balls at this obstacle and watch the kids try to kick/dribble the ball around the noodles.

Step 6:

Ready, Set, Go!

Playful Questions

What should we do when our peers are participating in the course?

What is your favorite part of the course? Why?

How could we do to make it easier or harder?

Why was the course easy or hard?

How long do you think it will take you?

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