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Playdough Baking

We all love the smell of freshly baked treats. This interactive playdough baking activity will help children use their imagination, coordination and will encourage older children practice gross and fine motor skills. Sprinkle a little spice into the dough and no one will know that it's playdough!

It's time to put their baking hats on!

Come one, come all to the next great baker. When there is a fair, bakers from all around the world bring their baked goods to compete a prize. Bring the children together, set the tone and explain their are so many different treats they can bake, such as cookies, pies, cakes, bread, and more. Invite your little bakers to make their own playdough treats. They will have so much fun in the process and will be ecstatic with the delicious outcome.


For this developmental activity you will need:


A variety of accessories such as baking tins, cookie cutters, rolling pins, measuring spoons, etc.

Aromatic spices such as cinnamon or nutmeg

Learning Outcomes


Cognitive, Physical, Social


Observation and Inquiry, Gross and Fine Motor Development, Visual Arts


Children will explore “baking” treats for the fair.


Step 1:

Introduce children to the idea that bakers come from all over to bring their baked goods to compete for ribbons at the fair.

Step 2:

Make a fresh batch of playdough and set up the “kitchen” for the children.

Step 3:

Talk about the various items and allow the children to explore them.  Rolling pins can be made to make cookies or pie crusts.  What else can children make?  Give them space to explore.  Maybe they will press the dough into the pie plates and cookie molds or try to make something else!

Step 4:

Supervise the children and add small amounts of aromatic spices to the playdough baking. 

Step 5:

Discuss about how the playdough smells and feel.   

For Infants: Introduce infants to playdough in small (supervised!) amounts and allow them to explore the texture and feel. Some infants may not be ready for this activity.

Activity Author

Photo of Yasmeen Kamrani Sallam
Yasmeen Kamrani Sallam| Early Childhood Educator and Administrator

Meet Yasmeen Kamrani Sallam. Yasmeen is the Administrator of three preschools in Alameda, CA. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a focus on Human Resources & Marketing, a minor in Human Development specializing in Early Childhood Education, as well as a Master of Science in Early Childhood Education. She has over 20 years of combined experience in the classroom and administration. She believes children thrive in an environment filled with intention, beauty, curiosity, and wonder. Yasmeen's goal is to provide resources to empower educators, parents, and anyone for all things Early Childhood.

Playful Questions

What is your favorite treat?

Name a special occasion when you have a treat or baked good?

Do you bake at home and if so what do you make?

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