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Pass the Movements

As your child returns to childcare, school, or just needs to get out with some friends, this is a fun game that can be played from a distance while exercising and building their memory.

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Can you remember the movements?

This game is a fun way to help your child control their bodies and also use their memory! Similar to Broken Telephone, this game has a leader and players. The leader is the one who picks 2-3 movements and passes them to the next person. Everyone keeps their eyes closed except the players who are passing the movements. At the end, the last player shows everyone the movements they got to see if they match up with the original. 

🔀 Endless possibilities! This can be played as many times as the children want and the rules are flexible so feel free to change it up.

🦺 Stay safe! Remember you are helping your child practice social distancing but helping them see they can have fun while doing so.


For this activity you will need:

No materials

Learning Outcomes




Gross motor


Increasing in coordination, speed and endurance


Step 1:

Everyone will line up behind a leader spread out 6 feet apart.

Step 2:

The players close their eyes and they can only open their eyes when the leader calls their name.

Step 3:

The leader will do 2-3 movements silently that the next child in line has to memorize. After this, the leader will then turn around and face forward.

Step 4:

The second player will then turn to the third person in line and say their name. The third player opens their eyes to watch the second player try to repeat the movements from the leader. This cycle then repeats with each child in line.

Step 5:

When the movements get to the last player, everyone opens their eyes and gets to see if the movements match what the leader started with. To see how the movements evolved, each child can show the movements they passed during the game.

⬆️ For older preschoolers: Have the leader pass 5-7 movements.

⬇️ For younger toddlers: Try fewer movements and you may also have to remind them of the rules.

Playful Questions

When do you open your eyes?

What do you do after you pass the motions?

Do you know everyone’s name?

What does “memorize” mean?

How many movements should you memorize?

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