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Paper Plate Chick Craft

This activity will help get your child in the mood for Spring! Get crafty with this fun and simple craft while exploring some sensory and creating a fun chick.

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Let’s get busy with paper plate chicks!

Spring and Easter come around the same time, and with Spring comes baby chicks! Use this fun and simple paper plate chick craft to get children thinking more about baby chicks and where eggs come. 

📚 Books to explore: Tillie Lays an Egg by Terry Golson, Chickens to the Rescue by John Himmelman, and The Perfect Next by Catherine Friend. 

🌻 A bouquet of possibilities! - You don’t just need to make chicks; this activity can be changed up to making a bunny if you want to use white paper and adding a circle for the head. You can use some pink paper for ears, and even use cotton balls instead of paper. 

🖌️ Messy ALERT! - This craft can get messy so make sure to put down some newspaper or create outside.


For this activity you will need:

Googly eyes (2)

Paper plate 


1 sheet of orange paper 

2 sheets of yellow paper 



Learning Outcomes






Coordinating senses with motor skills in increasingly complex ways


Step 1:

Start by shredding the yellow paper. 

Step 2:

Draw and cut out the legs, beak, and some hair using the orange paper. 

Step 3:

Cut out the middle part of the paper plate (you won’t need the edges). 

Step 4:

Cover the center of the paper plate with glue, and stick down the yellow feathers. You will need to press it down to get a good stick. 

Step 5:

Glue on the eyes, nose, legs, and hair.

Step 6:

Set aside to dry and enjoy! 

✨ Pro Tip - You can also buy pre-cut yellow paper, or just use scissors to cut it if you don’t have a shredder. 

⬆️ For older preschoolers: Let your child draw and cut the legs and nose to make the chick all their own.

⬇️ For younger toddlers: Have your child help collect the paper from the shredder (once it’s finished and turned off for safety).

Playful Questions

What animal does a chick grow up to be? 

What noise do chicks make? 

Where do baby chicks come from? 

How many legs does a chick have? 

Where do baby chicks live?

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