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Outdoor Scavenger Hunt + Printable List

Get your preschooler outside and using their gross motor skills to find some summer objects! This is a great activity for children to do individually or in a group as they search for everything on the included list while exploring nature.

Download and Print

Activity PDF

What treasures will YOU find?

This activity is fun and mess-free! Print out the included scavenger hunt list and feel free to make changes depending on what is easy to find in your local area. Have your child join you and explain that you are going to go on an adventure outside to find all of the items in the list. You will probably have to help with reading but encourage you kiddo to try their best and use the pictures to help identify the items. Then, take pictures of each item as you find them to share later!

📚 Books to explore: And Then Comes Summer by Tom Brenner, Summer Days and Nights by Wong Yee, and The Summer Visitors by Karel Hayes.

🧭 Go on an adventure! Get outside to find more than just the objects on the list. What other things can you find?

📷 Picture perfect. Take pictures of your findings to share with family and friends!


For this activity you will need:

Printable scavenger hunt list


Learning Outcomes




Gross Motor


Increasing control over own movement skills


Step 1:

Print out the included scavenger hunt list.

Step 2:

Review the list to make sure your child will be able to find all of the items in your area, making adjustments if necessary.

Step 3:

Explain the game. They need to find everything on the list and take a photo to provide proof.

Step 4:

Have fun! 

⬆️ For older preschoolers: Make it a race! Set a timer and no peeking at the list beforehand. You can also make it a team effort with other children. 

⬇️ For younger toddlers: Start with a smaller list, and use objects they are familiar with. Then start to make it harder by adding one or two unfamiliar objects. You will also need to help take the photos for them.

Playful Questions

How fast can you find a (object)?

Where do you think you will find (object)?

Which thing should we find next?

How many (object) can you find?

Have you ever seen an (object) before?

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