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Ocean Bingo - Free Printable

Take a deep dive into the ocean with this free, downloadable printable bingo game! Kids can learn about some of the amazing sea creatures that live below the surface of our oceans while marking their bingo cards and having fun with their classmates. Perfect with any oceaned themed activities to celebrate all of the critters living under the sea!

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Discover ocean creatures with this bingo game

Go beyond your local pond or fishtank and explore our ocean with this bingo game! Kids can explore the ocean and learn more about the critters who inhabit it. This is the perfect opportunity to teach children about our oceans and the beautiful ecosystem within them. There are a wide array of colors even deep within our oceans that kids can explore, from the vibrant jellyfish to the reef! An added bonus is the kids can have fun playing bingo while learning! This activity is the perfect way to encourage social distancing while still ensuring kids have fun and learn about cool ocean critters at the same time!

Learning Outcomes




Identifying patterns


Identifying, creating, copying and extending patterns

Playful Questions

  • What is your favorite fish or deep sea creature on your bingo card?

  • Where do you think these creatures live?

  • Why do they live in the ocean?

  • Can you name any of the animals on your card?

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