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Nature Dancing

Nature has many movements we can try to make with our bodies.

Explore all the ways that nature moves!

Dance like the wind and the rain, or move your body like the ocean as we explore nature dancing!  Use streamers to create a soft breeze or a raging windstorm as we move our bodies to the music and rhythms of nature.

Fly like a bird.  Add your best animal moves!  Fly like a bird or invite the children to do their favourite animal dance. Hear nature. Choose music that utilizes real wind and rain sounds, discuss what you are hearing as you move.


For this developmental activity you will need:

Streamers or ribbons


Nature music and sounds

Learning Outcomes


Cognitive and Physical


Observation and Curiosity, Gross Motor Skills


Moving like nature.

Thinking about nature.


Step 1:

Cut lengths of streamers or ribbons

Step 2: 

Give each child a piece of streamer or ribbon

Step 3: 

Spread out!

Step 4: 

Play the nature music and invite the children to move their bodies like nature moves.  Sway in the forest like a tree, blow like leaves in the wind or fly like birds.

Keep the fun going.

Go outside in all weather!  Big wind and rain is exciting!  As long as the kiddos are bundled up right, get out there and experience nature as it dances! 

Playful Questions

Do you hear that sound?  What do you think that sound is?

Have you ever seen lightning?  How do you think lightning would move?

How would a cloud dance? 

Can you dance like a sturdy piece of grass?

Can you wriggle like a snake?

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