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Movement: Polar Wands

A simple activity to keep little ones engaged both inside and outside! By taping streamers to craft sticks or tying ribbon to wooden rings children will create polar wands to explore with.

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Make colorful wands to explore cold polar winds!

Get a (little) helping hand. Children may need support when looping a ribbon through the wooden ring or taping the streamer onto a craft stick. 

Travel the world or just outside. What happens to the polar wands when it is windy outside? What happens if we run with the polar wands? 

Scaffolding. This activity can be used with younger children as they explore textures and strengthen fine motor skills, and with older children as they learn about movement and the environmental forces such as weather and wind.


For this developmental activity you will need:

A variety of streamers or ribbon

Craft sticks or wooden rings



Learning Outcomes


Language, Physical, Social


Descriptive Language, Fine Motor Skills, Gross Motor Skills


Life Science 

Gross Motor Development 

Fine Motor Development 

Music and Movement


Step 1:

Provide streamers in a variety of colors. Gather the ends of the streamers and wrap them around craft sticks. Tape to make a handle. Or using ribbon and a wooden ring, loop the ribbon around and through to attach it. 

Step 2:

Take the wands outside and let them flutter in the winter breeze.

Step 3:

Have children hold the wands high and spin in a circle. 

Step 4:

Run from one end of the play yard to the other. What happens? In which direction is the wind blowing?

Keep the fun going.

Hang the wands from a tree branch and watch them dance and flutter in the wind. Or play your favorite music and dance with them! 

Playful Questions

How can we make wind?

How many ribbons/streamers do you have on your wand?

What colors did you use on your wand?

What does your wand do in the wind?

Can we use our wands to dance to music?

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