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Moon Bingo - Free Printable

Travel to space with this free printable moon bingo game! Perfect for any space-themed fun, kids can learn more about the moon and it's different phases and shapes! This bingo game is a mission to space and it's up to the kids to go to the moon and back stamping every moon phase and learning about it as they go!

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Fly to the moon with this printable bingo game

Mission space! Get the kids ready for some space exploration by stamping the different moon phases on their bingo cards. This free printable moon bingo game is perfect to spark conversations with children on science, space, and the shapes they're seeing on their bingo card. A perfect companion for any space themed activities. Kids can have fun while learning together about different moon phases and will be able to visually identify the changes. Prepare for this activity by cutting the calling cards on the dotted line and supply kids with markers, they can be crayons or even small pieces kids can place on their cards.

Learning Outcomes




Identifying patterns


Identifying, creating, copying and extending patterns

Playful Questions

  • Why do you think the moon takes different shapes?

  • Why does the moon hide during the day?

  • Do you sometimes see the moon during the day?

  • Where is the moon?

  • Is the moon close or far?

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