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Mini Pumpkin Paint

Students will enjoy painting a mini pumpkin after learning about the vegetable and how it grows.

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Learning parts of a pumpkin made fun with painting!

After learning about the parts of a pumpkin by cutting it open and exploring what is inside, students will enjoy painting a pumpkin of their own to bring home.


For this developmental activity you will need:

One large pumpkin

Carving supplies (for educator)

One small pumpkin for each student



Copy of “Parts of a Pumpkin” song

Learning Outcomes


Physical, Arts


Visual Arts


Paint using expression

Explore the inside of a pumpkin


Step 1:

Sing the “Parts of a Pumpkin” song to the students. Review the parts and have students sing it again.

Step 2:

Using one large pumpkin, demonstrate how to open the pumpkin carefully and show the inside. Have students put their hands inside and scoop some of the seeds and pulp out. Have students describe what it feels like.

Step 3:

During art center, have students paint a mini pumpkin in any way they would like. After it dries, students can take it home.

Playful Questions

How do pumpkins grow?

Is a pumpkin a vegetable or a fruit?

What recipes include pumpkin? 

What are the parts of a pumpkin?

Where do pumpkins grow?

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