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Skittles Rainbow Experiment

This activity is great for your child to explore the cause and effect of colors and creating patterns. This experiment can also lead into discussion about rainbows, secondary colors and beyond!

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Create a cool melting effect using Skittles!

With this activity, you and your children can explore how colors melt from the Skittles to create a cool tie dye effect! The children will be filled with so much anticipation as they arrange the candy around the bowl and wait for the water to magically melt the colors off.

🌈 Watch & learn all about colors! By watching colors melt together, this is the perfect opportunity to explain what primary colors are and see them form into secondary colors!

✂️ How do I adapt this exercise for younger kiddos? While they may not be able to understand exactly what is happening, watching the colors melt off of the Skittles can be mesmerizing for children of any age.



Measuring cup



Learning Outcomes




Questioning and Observing


Focusing their observation on details. Increasing the time they spend observing.


Step 1:

Open a pack of Skittles onto a table or plate.

Step 2:

Place the Skittles in as large of a circle as possible inside your bowl. Announce the names of the colors as you place them or encourage the children to if they are able to. 

Step 3:

Using your measuring cup, slowly pour water into the center of the bowl until it just covers the Skittles so that they stay in place.

🖌️ Do this activity over and over again to see how the colors behave differently! Arrange the Skittles randomly, in a rainbow pattern, or grouped by the same color. You can also use only primary colors in the bowl and then watch as they form the secondary colors.

🎨 Need a refresher? The primary colors are red, yellow and blue. The secondary colors are green, orange and purple.

🍬 Play with your food! As a treat, your child can eat some of the colorless Skittles one by one afterwards and guess which flavors they are!

Playful Questions

What is your favorite color?

Will we get a new color when we mix them together?

How should we arrange the colors?

How much water do you think we should pour in?

Do you think the Skittles will taste the same after the color is gone?

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