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Marshmallow Snowman Craft

Marshmallows are a staple around Christmas time. They’re an obvious addition to any cup of hot chocolate and can be used in various ways in art. This snowman activity is a great way to use mini marshmallows and practice counting and hand-eye-coordination for little ones. There’s a lot of different skills going on in this activity and it’s a great way to challenge younger ones and practice those skills!

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How many marshmallows can you fit onto your snowman?

This activity uses a lot of different skills. It can be done at any age level and allows independence in older children and hand-eye coordination practice in younger ones. Make a few on one paper and have a whole snowman family to brighten up any classroom on a chilly day!

☃️Get inspired: Start off the discussion with children on what snowman look like — what shape their nose is, their hat, and their bodies.

🎶 Get into the spirit: Sing the song “Frosty the Snowman” with the children to have them envision what a snowman looks like! 

❄️ Did you know? The best snow for making a real snowman is when it’s a bit warmer out...or just below freezing. The snow will stick together better than the fluffy stuff, making a more durable snowman!


For this activity you will need:

Mini marshmallows

Blue construction paper

White school glue

Black marker

Orange marker

Learning Outcomes




Determining quantity


Counting to determine the quantity


Step 1:

Start by making the outline of the snowman with glue. You can do this yourself, hand over hand or invite your children to use the glue themselves to create 2 large circles in the middle of the blue paper - one on top of the other and 1 smaller circle on the top as the head.

Step 2:

Next, have the child put marshmallows on top of the glue outlines. Try to have one next to each other without any space between them.

Step 3:

Once the marshmallows are dry, either using hand over hand technique or letting the child do them independently, draw 2 black eyes on the face and a small circle in the shape of a smile.

Step 4: 

Next, draw an orange triangle for the nose.

Step 5:

Don’t forget 2 arms! Draw 2 straight lines coming from the top and a large circle with a few smaller lines at the end to mimic 2 branches as arms. Hang up once completely dry to see your friendly snowman!

⬆️ For older preschoolers: Make a snow family and have them come up with the different family members. Maybe it’s a family of all snow-children or a snowman and a snowdog — let them get creative with who is in the family!

⬇️ For younger toddlers: This activity can be a bit tricky with hand-eye coordination and not rubbing their hands in glue as they go. Try a glue stick instead, it may be a bit tidier for them!

Playful Questions

How many marshmallows are on your snowman’s head?

Do you remember what the snowman’s nose is usually made of?

Have you ever made a snowman before?

Have you ever seen a snowman in the summer? Why not?

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