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Marshmallow Name Craft

Practice letter recognition and hand-eye coordination with this fun activity to help children spell their names. Mini marshmallows can be held by little hands and are fun to squish once the masterpiece is dry!

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Spell and smell!

Children love to see their name written because it gives them so much autonomy and pride. Although younger children may not be able to write their names just yet, this activity will help them learn the letters of their name and their order. All you need is glue, paper, and marshmallows!

🍁 Take it Outside: Can you find rocks, leaves, or other objects to spell your name?

⬆️  Supersize It! Want to supersize this project? Use giant marshmallows and larger paper to create children’s names!

👉 Pro Tip: Popsicle sticks or “glue spreaders” work well for younger children to spread the glue on each letter to learn how it feels to create each individual letter.


For this activity you will need:

White glue

(Optional) Toothpick or popsicle stick

Mini marshmallows



Learning Outcomes




Letter Recognition


Picking out other words that begin with the same letter or sound as their names


Step 1:

Start by writing out the child’s name in large letters on the paper. Make sure the letters are large and spaced evenly.

Step 2:

With hand-over-hand assistance, help the child squeeze out white glue from the glue bottle on top of each letter on the paper- tracing the outline of each letter. 

Step 3:

Place a pile of mini marshmallows in front of the child and encourage them to place the marshmallows on top of the glue to create each letter of their name.

Step 4: 

Let dry overnight and in the morning you’ll have a marshmallow name! Children will love to squish the marshmallows in their name and trace each letter.

⬆️ For older preschoolers: Give older children independence by allowing them to squeeze the glue from the bottle onto the letters and determine the amount of glue they think is appropriate for each letter. 

⬇️ For younger toddlers: Younger children may have a challenging time with glue flow. Hand-over-hand works great so they can feel how each letter is made while pouring the glue with an adult.

Playful Questions

How many letters are in your name?

What letters have curves in your name?

How many marshmallows fit in the first letter in your name?

Do you know another way to write your name?

Can you trace the marshmallows with your fingers?

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