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Marbled Moon Activity

Have you ever looked at the texture of the moon? It can be quite beautiful with different shades of grey, white, and black with bumps, mountains, and valleys all along its surface. Recreate it with this fun art activity!

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Create your very own moon surface!

Recreate the marbled effect you find on the moon and planets in the solar system with this art activity. No two paintings are alike!

⚠️Mess alert! Younger kids may have a challenging time keeping the marble inside the bin. Pop a lid on top of your container or take it outside to keep your area clean. 

🚀Out of this world! Jupiter and Saturn are known as gaseous planets and have a marbled effect because of their composition. 

🥽 Safety First: Paint may go flying upon shaking the bin full of paint. Ensure your paint is nontoxic in case it comes in contact with little eyes. Or, use goggles!


For this activity you will need:

White paper


Paint (grey, black and white)

Small, flat container.


Learning Outcomes




Reasoning Logically (Exploring Transformations and Hypothesizing)


Mixing and transforming materials


Step 1:

Start your activity by cutting a circle out of your paper. Make sure your circle is quite large.

Step 2:

Place your circle inside your flat container.

Step 3:

Add a few drops on top of your paper of black, white and grey paint.

Step 4: 

Place a few marbles inside the bin and have your child move the bin back and forth and in circles to move the marbles through the paint.

Step 5:

Once your child is happy with their moon, remove the moon circle and lay it in a spot to dry overnight. In the morning you’ll have a marble-textured moon surface!

⬆️ For older preschoolers: Older children will love the process of this activity. Explore making marbled planets with different colors!

⬇️ For younger toddlers: Shaking a large bin with their arms might be challenging. Choose a bin that they can hold with both hands or opt to make a smaller moon with a smaller container.

Playful Questions

Can you roll the marble in a straight line across the page?

What happens if we add more than one marble to the bin?

How come no two of our moon arts look the same?

Have you ever seen the moon up close through a telescope?

How many moons does the earth have? Do any other planets have a moon?

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