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IT Station Table Toys for Night Creatures

After learning more about spiders, students will sing a familiar nursery rhyme with finger puppets and use sequencing cards to remember the order.

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Nursery rhyme fun with finger puppets!

Students will learn a bit more about spiders, and through singing the familiar song “Itsy Bitsy Spider,” students will use sequencing cards to put them in order according to the song. Students will discuss the benefits of spiders and how they can be helpful. The sequencing cards will help students with the skill of recalling information and retaining the order of events.


For this developmental activity you will need:

Finger puppets for Itsy Bitsy Spider

Resource poster of lyrics

Video of Itsy Bitsy Spider

Sequence cards of first, next, then, last

Learning Outcomes




Foundational Reading


Recite lyrics

Place parts of story in sequence order

Retell story


Step 1:

Watch the video of Itsy Bitsy Spider

Step 2:

Sing the song again using the finger puppets as a visual

Step 3:

Talk to students about benefits of spiders. Tell them how spiders help kill harmful insects around the house.

Step 4:

Have sequence cards set up at the language center along with the resource poster. Have students practice putting the cards in order of first, next, then, and last to show the order of the song.

Playful Questions

How are spiders helpful?

How many spiders are in the world?

Which spiders are harmful?

What is the biggest spider in the world?

What is the smallest spider in the world?

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